As a structural material, corrugated cardboard can be incredibly versatile and remarkably strong.  With the proper graphic treatment, strategically placed folds, and a few interesting die-cuts, a simple graphic idea can be transformed into an attention-grabbing visual exhibition that not only supports heavy packaging and boosts brand awareness, but also moves a heck of a lot more product out the door.  Few materials offer similar retail power so economically.  It's not surprising it's so popular.  

Designing a display in corrugate can be challenging.  It demands an approach which is the opposite of designing for a more permanent material (i.e., metal or wood) where you must first create a framework and then look for opportunities for graphics.  With corrugate, you often start with the graphic direction first and then try to figure out how to slice and dice it into pieces which will lend themselves to the desired scale while also providing opportunities for structural integrity.  One who designs both temporary and permanent displays must have a thorough understanding of structure, graphics, budgets, and manufacturing limitations in order to generate ideas which have any hope of ending up in stores.

These are some of our favorite cardboard sculptures from the last 15 years.  What do you think?