This is a cooler concept I created for a beverage company 13 years ago.  I thought it might be interesting and fun to bring it into 2018 to illustrate the staggering improvement in realism that is now achievable because of the advances in software and hardware over that time.  The older image was rendered in 2005 using Cinema 4D v.8.  The new one is rendered in 2018 using Cinema 4D v.18.  This clearly represents a pretty profound difference, but current advancements in modeling and rendering technology hold even greater promise.  In a few years, it's quite likely designers will be abandoning the current way of working entirely, swapping a flat screen and mouse for a VR headset and handheld controllers.  We will be manipulating fully rendered objects like these in realtime instead of in wireframe, and the days of waiting minutes or hours for renderings to finish will become a thing of the past.